We're excited to launch our new Cinnamon Rolls just in time for the holidays! Place an order here online, or call or text 469-475-6655 to reserve.

Cinnamon Rolls - Ready to Bake Dozen
Cinnamon Rolls - Ready to Bake Dozen

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Cinnamon Rolls - Ready to Bake Dozen

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Our famous cinnamon rolls delivered to you frozen or refrigerated so you can pull them out and bake hot in the oven on Christmas morning!

These are truly divine--this is top of my personal favorites.  The scent of cinnamon wafting through your kitchen, then serving them up hot and melt in your mouth good!  

9 cinnamon rolls per pan, comes with container of Icing on the side to slather over while hot from the oven!

Please specify if you prefer frozen (to be baked 2 or more days from delivery) or refrigerated (to be baked next day from delivery).