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Sweets in Detail

Loaf Breads

Orange Blueberry & Orange Raspberry Breads – Loaf breads so unique and delicious you can’t stop eating them!  Made from the freshest ingredients including fresh squeezed orange juice, whole Raspberries & Blueberries.

A sweet breakfast treat or dessert.  Slice and serve as is, lightly crisp it in a toaster oven, or whip up the most scrumptious French toast! 

Iced Lemon Bread – Just the right balance of tart and sweet!  Fresh squeezed lemons make the loaf moist and lemoney.  A coating of icing drips over the top making a pretty and delicious loaf.



Chocolate Chocolate Chip Walnut – Deep, rich chocolate with walnuts to balance the sweetness. This is a cookie that is better tasting each day!  Optionally, this cookie is excellent without the nuts & double the chips. 

Espresso Walnut – This is an adult cookie through and through.  Not too sweet, with a hint of espresso and walnut.  This cookie is perfect paired with a cup of hot tea, a cappuccino, or a tipple of brandy!

 Gingerbread Cutouts – Soft gingerbread with equally soft icing (forget icing hard enough to break a tooth!).  Spicy cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves combine with molasses to make the perfect gingerbread cookie.

 Iced Sugar Cookies – My icing skills are not Martha Stewart level, but I can guarantee these cookies taste delicious with soft icing (not hard as a rock).  Candy cane shape for the holidays, Heart Shape for Valentine’s. If you want a more glamorous decorated cookie, I can refer you to a friend who make beautiful Iced Cookies.   

 Meringue Chocolate Chip – Nostalgic, fluffy meringues that look like dollops of snow.  Light& airy meringues infused with semi-sweet chocolate chips that melt in your mouth.  Gluten free to boot!

 White Chocolate Macadamia Nut – Ghirardelli white chocolate chips coupled with the finest Macadamia Nuts from Hawaii (Mauna Loa).  The combination is rich and irresistible!